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Are you looking to help encourage your employees to love the company you work for? Company culture is cultivated through organizational perks, including office events, educational opportunities, and remote employee benefits.

However, when your team members go remote, it can be challenging to cultivate that same company culture. Here are some of our favorite remote employee perks.

  1. Implement Employee Wellness Programs

Research shows that remote workers are more likely to exercise and engage in wellness practices while at work. This can help reduce health insurance costs, and it can also help you create a perk that encourages your remote employees to work out and stay healthy.

  1. Offer Unique Swag

Offering unique swags such as branded mugs or shakers can be appreciated by remote employees, but it might not have quite the same impact as it would with on-site employees. Make sure to include your remote employees in the marketing of these unique swags, like having an online giveaway for your swag.

  1. Utilize Employee Appreciation

In-office employees may appreciate a birthday card, but remote employees often feel left out of the appreciation process. While planning company events can be challenging when your team is remote, you can be sure to include recognition of their birthdays and milestones in meeting minutes or company newsletters.

  1. Offer Unique Perks

Remote employees often work in a home office environment, so why not offer them unique perks that help them fit into that office-at-home vibe? Tap into their creative sides and offer remote employees an office-at-home makeover. Remote employees can also benefit from unique perks such as company-paid travel and more.

  1. Reduce the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” Mentality

One of the biggest challenges to cultivating company culture in a remote setting is that your employees may feel they’re missing out on what’s happening in the office. Encourage your remote employees to participate in company social events to overcome this challenge. Do webinars, live video chats, and office tours.

There are plenty of perks that you can offer your employees when they go remote, so it’s up to you to determine which ones will serve your business best.