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For firms, turnover and employing new personnel can be time-consuming and costly. Businesses must not only fight to keep as many hardworking employees as possible, but they must also make effective recruiting decisions to prevent losing money on new hire training.

When hiring new staff, employers search for particular characteristics typically shown during the initial interview. Here are some distinguishing characteristics to look for while interviewing prospective hires.

Passionate and Enthusiastic

Look for applicants who are enthused and enthusiastic about their work. During the interview, their accomplishments should be highlighted. People who enjoy what they do tend to remain at firms longer than those who only work for the money. Enthusiasm is an excellent quality in a new employee; enthusiastic and outgoing people are typically beneficial to a company since they are likely skilled in various areas.

People Who Can Deliver Results

Given the investment in training new workers, turnover may be costly, and firms do not want to recruit someone who does not have the potential to be long-term employment. In an interviewee’s résumé, recruiters should search for commitment and longevity attributes.

Fits into the Environment

When interviewing candidates, it’s critical to assess their “fit” in two ways. First, assess their suitability for the job based on their knowledge, skill capacity, and overall ability to perform the required functions. Second, assess their overall fit for the firm by imagining how they would personally “fit” into the culture. Employees who feel successful in their jobs and have a sense of belonging at their workplace are more likely to remain longer.


Businesses want to recruit motivated individuals who will go above and beyond what is expected of them. Ambitious individuals strive to do their best in their jobs. They are constantly thinking of ways to improve and be more efficient, making it an excellent attribute for an online HR graduate to possess. When the opportunity arises, an employee with these characteristics is more likely to be selected for more demanding roles.