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Today’s hybrid work culture is a mixture of physical and virtual work. It’s not unusual for employees to be dispersed globally, working from home, public spaces, or temporary locations such as hotels.

Mobile technology has made it easier for people to connect virtually. Tools such as video-conferencing systems and instant messaging applications make workplace communication more accessible than ever before. However, these technological advances can make it difficult to know if employees are truly engaged in work-related conversations.

What steps can companies take to improve communication between dispersed employees? The following strategies may help.

Maintain Accuracy in Your Communication Styles

When employees are working in different locations, make sure that each location can easily communicate with the company.

If your business uses email to communicate, train remote workers to separate work and personal emails. Discuss additional steps they can take to ensure that their communications remain professional and appropriate at all times.

Encourage Openness in Communication

The use of modern communication technology allows for more frequent communication with remote employees, but it can also be overwhelming.

Be careful not to bombard your employees with so many messages that they feel overwhelmed. Include some methods that your employees can use to control the amount of communication they receive from you and their co-workers.

Focus on Timeliness in Response Time

Be aware that the time it takes to deliver a message can be different depending on the location of your employees. 

When communicating with remote workers, anticipate how long it may take for messages to arrive at the other end. If important communications are expected quickly, make sure that everyone in your company is well aware of this time constraint.

Cultivate Effective Communication

Be aware that technology can sometimes make communication more complicated if it is not used properly. Ensure that everyone in your company understands the proper etiquette for communicating by email and other methods so messages remain effective and clear.

By taking the right steps, you can improve communication between employees in different locations. This will allow you to make sure that you effectively reach your team members no matter where they are.