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Working from home can make for a more comfortable working environment, and a far more distracting one. These quick tips can make it easier to focus even at home.

Add More Structure Into Your Routine

Without the external structure of working in an office, maintaining a structured day on your own is more important than ever. A clear to-do list, complete with time blocks dedicated to specific tasks and breaks, makes it far easier to focus.

Structure is also important when creating a work-from-home environment. A designated working area makes it easier to avoid distractions. Structuring a work routine in a way that mimics the one in the office, such as waking up early and changing out of pajamas, also makes it easier to focus.

Have an Accountability Partner

Humans are social animals so an isolated working environment can feel unnatural. Luckily, technology allows for social connection even when people are far apart. Checking in with a coworker or even a friend can make it easier to stay focused on your to-do list.

Many technological tools, such as messaging apps or video chats, can help accountability partnerships prosper even when they are far apart. Some choose to message each other when they complete a task while others work together on camera.

Focus on Clear Communication

Confusion about directions is likely to kill productivity as employees feel insecure about what they are doing. Thus, clear communication is more important than ever during remote work. Tools such as screen sharing make sure that everyone is clear about their tasks.

Good communication goes beyond just sharing information. It also includes acknowledging each other’s needs. Some employees may be struggling with remote work more than others because of their work style or home environment. Especially if you are in a management position, make the effort to provide team members with the extra support they may need.

While some welcome remote work, others find it difficult to focus. With these tips, hopefully even the reluctant remote workers will return to their old productivity.