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Dan Idhenga Business Social Media

The bond of trust between a company and its customers is crucial. Like any high importance relationship, it takes time and regular maintenance to build. Today, social media is one of the main ways businesses are seeking to build trust between themselves and consumers – and here’s how.

The Importance of Engaging

E.M. Forster makes the two-word phrase “Only Connect” the epigram to his masterpiece Howards End. While Forster was anything but a social media master (what he might have thought of is an interesting question) that ethos is still highly valuable in a corporate and social media context. While you don’t want to “only” connect with users, and instead want to translate their engagements into conversions and positive PPC data, all of that nevertheless begins with effectively engaging clients.

To do that, you need to be able to truly connect with them.

Social media allows you to craft a fun, engaging online presence with which everyday customers can more easily connect than, say, a bunch of businessmen in a boardroom.

Familiarity Breeds Trust

The more familiar something is, the more likely we are to trust it. For better and for worse, this is the case with social media platforms. If you see someone post on your Facebook or Twitter feed day after day, you tend to feel like they’re a natural part of your everyday life – and that’s great news for businesses trying to position their brands that way.

Posting regularly throughout the day on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can, thus, make your company a regular and, thus, trustworthy presence in customers’ lives.

An Individual Voice

Social media is one of the great driving forces of Individuality Culture, and this can provide a huge boost to businesses. There’s a reason why YouTube Stars and Instagram Influencers have become job titles, after all. You want your business to feel distinct to customers, and for younger groups especially, that all-important element of authenticity which is a prerequisite for trust is better captured via social media than traditional print advertising or TV commercials.

Build your brand and voice online with effective social media strategies.