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Once upon a time, the Better Business Bureau was a standard by which businesses were measured, and businesses knew it. They sought good reviews and knew how important it was to secure them. Today, SEO articles and evaluations rule the web.

Even so, even in the SEO world, the BBB remains as vital for the practice of business evaluation as ever – and here’s why.

SEO and BBB 

With so much attention paid to SEO these days, it can be easy to lose sight of other metrics by which to measure business success or, indeed, evaluate the veracity of said businesses. Just because something tracks well in the SEO game doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of the highest quality. There are plenty of SEO snakes out there who have learned how to turn this tool to their favor and who are more than happy to game the SEO rankings with slick content, only for their actual product or services to be anything but satisfactory.

BBB Accreditation

It is for that reason that BBB accreditation still carries heft. We live in an accreditation-heavy age, and having every bit of bragging power and any certification possible can help your chances among discerning clientele. On the flip side, if you are one of those discerning clientele, you’ll be able to get better advice as to the quality and trustworthiness of the businesses in question with the help of BBB reviews. 

That matter of trust is a big one. You don’t want to buy products or services only to find out that the seller has been less than trustworthy about the veracity of their claims or quality of their products. BBB reviews can help you avoid such wastes of time and money.

Think of it a little bit like awards given to quality vintage wines. No matter how slick the bottling and label design may be, there is a big difference between Two Buck Chuck and a fine cabernet sauvignon. Whether you’re a wine snob or just someone looking for a good high-quality bottle, those awards can be a good metric for judging. The same goes for BBB, with their reviews helping you avoid sour grapes and stick to options par excellence instead.

BBB thus continues to stand for independence and quality in business evaluation.