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There are many more remote workers in the workforce than there were before the pandemic. In fact, even as some people are vaccinated and returning to work, others plan to continue working from home. Many businesses are allowing them to continue to work remotely as long as their performance stays the same. Having a hybrid workplace can be equitable, but it requires some changes. Continue reading to learn what areas must be addressed.

Leadership and Management

 Managers and leaders will need to have access to the tools and the equipment that is necessary to lead a hybrid workforce. They need tools to hire, connect, coach, mentor, and monitor employees who are choosing to work from home. It is challenging because it is necessary to change some of the processes that are in place, but it is critical for these managers to have access to everything they need to effectively manage a workforce that is both remote and in person.


Just as the leaders and managers need the tools to succeed, employees need the tools and the equipment necessary to work from a remote space. The primary need they have is technology, which they would have if they were working at the office. They need access to information, and they need opportunities for training and collaboration.

They need to have access to software and other tools that allow them to connect with other team members and management. Creating an equitable environment means making sure that employees have everything they need to do their job successfully.

Clear Policies and Procedures

Having a hybrid workforce requires clear guidelines, policies, and procedures. Some of the ones already in place must change because having remote employees is different. It is always easier to do things the way they have always been done, but when that happens, remote workers are left out. Reviewing and updating your policies can be good for the company and it will create more equity among workers.

It is challenging to change the company culture when you have a hybrid workplace, and it is important to make sure that everyone is treated equally. You will be able to attract quality candidates and retain the ones you have as long as everyone feels as though they are treated fairly.